Field Day @ Spring Valley Farm

Coaching, Boarding & Community, Landrum, SC

Cam Stockhausen

Beautiful Facility, Great Location
On the FETA Trails, minutes from FENCE and Landrum
Supporting your dreams
Your Horse's Dream Life
Friends, Freedom and Forage
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About Boarding at Spring Valley Farm

At Spring Valley Farm we value quality, horse-centered care, great coaching and a community of friendly, like-minded people. We are encouraging especially foxhunters, eventers and jumpers to join our community at SVF. (Wanna-be’s and used-to-be’s welcome.)

At SVF, horses will live in small groups in lovely, rolling, wood-fenced pastures or paddocks. Additionally, each horse will have a dedicated stall for use in the case of inclement weather or other incidentals.

We value education, and as such, boarders should expect to take a reasonable number of lessons per month with U.S. Eventing Association certified trainer Camie Stockhausen to help meet their riding goals. Our facilities include an on sight competition-sized arena with jumps, as well as access to the FENCE xc course and the FETA trails.

Boarding at SVF entails a rare combination of the factors that help make boarding your horse a simple pleasure. We are creating a community of like-minded people who support each other and enjoy the ride.

We expect kindness, communication and authenticity from boarders. At SVF, we offer the following: 

  • A welcoming, supportive atmosphere
  • Excellent on-site eventing and foxhunting trainer
  • A gorgeous, historic barn in an equestrian community
  • Beautiful tack cubbies in a dust-free, temperature-controlled environment
  • A competition-sized outdoor arena with excellent footing and jumps
  • Access to FETA trails
  • A short hack to the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE) which has a cross country course used for USEA-recognized horse trials and a complete show facility with covered arena.
  • Like-minded friends to foxhunt, trailride and event with
  • Plenty of turnout on well-established and beautifully-maintained grass pastures and paddocks
  • Quality forage in the non-growing season
  • Grain fed twice daily
  • Knowledgeable, on-site care that is horse-centered and people-friendly. We know a lot because we learn a lot, and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our horses.

Boarding at Spring Valley Farm is $850 per month.  Riders are expected to take a minimum of two lessons per month.  $70 private, $45 group.

The Field Day Mission

We are people connected by our love of horses.  We each have our own goals for our riding and we support each other in these common and different goals. 

As we seek expansion in our skill, connection and enjoyment of our horses, we make up a community of people of grace, growth and light. 

SVF Lifestyle

Historic, welcoming barn
Climate-controlled, dust-free tack cubbies
Great footing in a competition-sized arena
Access to Miles of FETA Trails
FENCE Competition Facility and XC course are a 5-minute hack
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Our Ethos For Riders


We are people of a like mind striving to improve our horsemanship while enjoying the process and supporting each other


Camie Stockhausen is a USEA-certified coach - proven methods with a commitment to standards and continuing education


(A state of agreement)
Great communication, supported goals and habitual integrity make barn life a joy

Our Ethos For Horses


As herd animals, horses evolved to live in a social setting with other horses. Relationships help equines learn, self-soothe and be more healthy


Horses who are allowed the freedom to move at will throughout their day and night can experience better soundness and a higher quality of life


Whether pasture grazing or enjoying quality hay in the off season, ample forage is key to a healthy microbiome and the quality of life of horses.

The Next Step

Perhaps you’d like to take a lesson with Camie or make an appointment to have a tour of SVF.  Please contact Camie by voice, text [(515) 231-9875] or email.

If boarding at Spring Valley Farm sounds like a great match for your equestrian life, you may want to fill out the below boarding application. We don’t want to hustle your feet, but availability is truly limited.

Boarding Application