Field Day South

Camie Stockhausen

Field Day South Values


Consistent ethics, content, message and humanity for a predictable, enjoyable experience


Seeing and acknowledging the whole horse, the whole person and the system they create together


Using continuing education, observation and new experiences to expand riding horizons

Client Testimonials

“I first found Camie when I was looking for an instructor with ample experience with young OTTBs in 2015, and her reputation was confirmed by the training and instruction I received over the next six years. My favorite part of lessons has been when she breaks down movements into smaller bits for me - a lesson at the walk to work on responsiveness to leg, or a training session with my horse to work through buddy sour behavior with exercises to focus her (and me!). I appreciate that Camie works with the horse and rider right in front of her; on days when I have anxiety about a new challenge, we take smaller steps out of my comfort zone until we reach progress I may not have thought possible. On days when I’m ready to jump the moon, we’ve spent many hours foxhunting, schooling cross country, and preparing for jumper classes. Over the last six years, I’ve learned more about whole-horse-centered riding through dressage and horsemanship than I ever knew I needed! I highly recommend Camie if you’re looking for a compassionate instructor to break out of patterns, defeat the mental blocks, and advance your riding skills.”
Natalie McLain and Story Problem
"Riding with Camie has increased my confidence immensely. I'm 71 years old and Red, my arabian horse, is 10. Our lessons with Camie are lots of fun and we have been gently expanding my comfort zone to the point where now I am doing new things with new groups of riders. My riding world has expanded thanks to Camie."
Molly Kiuchi and Red
"Camie connected me with my first directly off the track Thoroughbred with the goal of going to the Retired Racehorse Project. Her experience and expertise smoothed the transition from track athlete to amateur horse. Camie's instruction cemented the riding pieces I had and instilled a lot of confidence and knowledge. The lessons were fun and structured on improving skills. Her training (and a good horse) made the journey to Kentucky a successful bucket list experience!"
Diane McDonald and 2020 RRP Graduate, Wings Locked Up


  • Qualified and competed in the American Eventing Championships five times in three venues on two different horses at preliminary level with no cross country penalties
  • Iowa Horse Council’s Horseperson of the Year 2015
  • Trained and competed the Iowa Thoroughbred Owner’s and Breeder’s Association Eventing Horse of the Year 2016
  • Trained many off track thoroughbreds for eventing and foxhunting
  • Coached driven dressage

About Camie

Cricket the shetland pony was Camie’s first exposure to horses, very early in her life. Cricket was a safe, kind pony who made Camie think she was a good rider, though of course, as a child, she was a bouncing, screeching, giggly ball of goof. Cricket taught Camie the first rule of horsemanship – enjoy the ride.

Camie grew up in Sheboygan County, WI, which had a terrific 4-H horse project where she was exposed to western horse sports, english horse sports, trail riding, horse camping and driving, and given a great theoretical and practical knowledge of horsekeeping through exacting instructors, generous mentors, talented clinicians and relentless Quiz Bowl. After graduating high school and 4-H, she went to the University of Wisconsin to study meteorology and play basketball.  

The next step was moving to Dubuque, Iowa for her first on-air weather broadcasting position. Her horse Johnnie, an appaloosa/thoroughbred cross, came along with her and they shortly went to their first horse trial. Her friend Aggie Ershen kindly loaned her a truck and trailer and Camie drove to the horse trial in Chicago and won it.  Everyone, including Camie, was pretty surprised, and truth be told, she got more than a little lucky, but for sure Camie was hooked.  

In the following years, Camie rode with every eventing, showjumping or dressage clinician she could and took lessons and read voraciously.  Over time she was bringing along her own horses to preliminary level and training others’ horses for eventing and foxhunting out of her Field Day Farm in Cambridge, Iowa. Camie has competed successfully at the preliminary level in the American Eventing Championships five times on two different horses, started more than a few horses for foxhunting and eventing and coached driven dressage. She has also pursued and holds USEA Eventing Coaches Program Certification.

She is extremely proud of her students’ success. Recent accomplishments include former working student Sarah Magee Martin studying to be a veterinarian at Iowa State University Vet School; Jenn DuCray and Diane McDonald doing excellently at the Thoroughbred Makeover; Rylee Cahill buying a farm and Missy Monson leasing a horse. Such a great tribe, all supporting each other.

Her next goals include:

  • Helping others gain skills and confidence in their riding and connection to their horses
  • Continuing to expand her riding skill and theoretical knowledge
  • Enjoying the ride!  Huzzah, Cricket!