Field Day @ Spring Valley Farm

Coaching, Boarding & Community, Landrum, SC

Cam Stockhausen

Field Day (Noun)

  • A time of extraordinary pleasure or opportunity
  • A day of sports and athletic endeavor
  • An outdoor meeting or social gathering

Spring Valley Farm (Noun)

  • For Riders: Community, Coaching and Concord
  • For Horses: Friends, Freedom and Forage
  • For Goodness’ Sake: The most beautiful horse farm in Spartanburg County, SC*

* in our opinion, of course.

* Also a 5-minute FETA trail hack to FENCE

The Field Day Mission

We are people connected by our love of horses.  We each have our own goals for our riding and we support each other in these common and different goals. 

As we seek expansion in our skill, connection and enjoyment of our horses, we make up a community of people of grace, growth and light.

Our Ethos for Riders


We are people of a like mind striving to improve our horsemanship while enjoying the process and supporting each other.


Camie Stockhausen is a USEA-certified coach using proven methods with a commitment to standards and continuing education.


(A state of agreement)
Great communication, supported goals and habitual integrity make barn life a joy.

Our Ethos for Horses


As herd animals, horses evolved to live in a social setting with other horses. Relationships help equines learn, self-soothe and be healthy.


Horses who are allowed the freedom to move at will throughout their day and night can experience better soundness and a higher quality of life.


Whether pasture grazing or enjoying quality hay in the off season, ample forage is key to a healthy microbiome and the quality of life of horses.

What People Are Saying

“I’m so happy to have found Camie to help me get my confidence back and conquer my fear after a bad accident. She’s made riding fun and exciting at the same time.”
Patti Kunz and Ollie
"I didn't want my lesson with Camie to stop (so much to learn) but we ended on the best trots and canters of the day with energy to spare!
Lucy Hooper and Murphy
"The transformation my horse and I accomplished in the eight months preparing for the Thoroughbred Makeover with Camie was incredible. We began by creating a solid foundation on the lunge line and ended prepared for the show jumping and dressage disciplines at the Kentucky Horse Park!!"
Jenn DuCray and Charlie

Excellence with empathy

Riding is a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual pursuit. Our program acknowledges and integrates all aspects helping you enjoy the best riding of your life so far.

Whatever your pastime or sport, enjoyment grows with knowledge and confidence

Field Day students enjoy all sorts of different horse settings. Solid horsemanship skills open new doors to adventure whether in a fast-paced sport, quiet training session or a relaxing sunset ride with your best buddy.