Camie Stockhausen Horses

We're moving South

That’s right!  After 26 years at beautiful Field Day Farm in Cambridge, Iowa, we’re making a change. Sammy, Camie (aka me), Dug, Dory and Howdy are moving to lovely Landrum, SC, near Tryon, NC.  

While there, I’ll be teaching lessons at people’s farms – ambulatory teaching is perfect for boarding stables looking for a good trainer, or for riders who keep their horses privately, to receive convenient, recurring instruction 

I’ll also be offering lessons via Pivo. This technology is used virtually, for remote instruction.  Riders get real time feedback and develop a training plan with me to continue to grow between lessons. If you would like to save money on a new Pivo, use this link to receive a 10% discount..

I’ll be arriving in Landrum in late October, 2022. Please know you are invited to reach out to me for more information or to schedule lesson times.