Sunday February 3rd Grids Fun

Brighten up the winter with some fun flatwork and jumping grids at Field Day!  We’ll have a morning and an afternoon sessions, with lunch for everybody in between sessions.  This is intended to be a gentle, but gratifying slight stretch of riding skills in a fun environment.  The small group lessons (limit 5) will start with flat work and then move on to literally poles-on-the-ground grids. We’ll methodically build the grids, with no pressure on anyone, but plenty of opportunity for the keen.

What: Flatwork and grid group lessons with USEA ICP instructor Camie Stockhausen.  Learn skills you can hone at home and get a game plan for 2019.

Where: Field Day, 57560 Highway 210, Cambridge, IA 50046-8583

Who:  All levels of jumpers or those who would like to be jumpers.  This is the perfect way to start.  All skill levels can easily be accommodated.  Auditors are welcome with a $10 fee.

Details: Cost is $50 per session, including lunch.  Registration and payment must be completed by the Wedesday before the clinic.  Full refund if cancelled.  Payment can be made by check made out to “Field Day” sent to Field Day, 57560 Highway 210, Cambridge, IA 50046-8583.  If paying by PayPal, please send $53 (to cover PayPal fees) to  Please do not use Friends and Family option because refunds are not easily possible.