In the tack!

We had a short lunging session to check the state of the craft and she was really very good. Her canter improved miraculously overnight, LOL. Seriously, it was improved over yesterday by a surprising amount. She just generally is in a happy mood.

She was a little squirelly for mounting, but I asked a friend to steady her and she was fine. We did a lot of walking with an emphasis of staying relaxed and ahead of the leg, her couple of in hand rearing sessions at the forefront of my mind. She only mentioned once that she might be thinking about it.

We worked a lot in walk and trot. She really is not solid with “whoa,” so we did some work on that, and she is picking it up quickly. The trot work, not surprisingly goes in and out of balance. She has such a big motor and reach that there is a lot of balancing for her to do. I sat in the middle and quiet and let her work it out and she did quite well. She was proud of herself at the end.

I know she is leaving in December, but now that finally the stars are aligning, I am going to see how far we can get before she has to go. Fun girl!