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Hack on the new trails

My new neighbors created some trails that they invited me to ride, so I did, with Lexie! We went out in the late evening and did a lot of trotting and some hill work. She did very well, starting to come over her topline more consistently.

Hack and stretch

Beautiful day, breezy and overcast, perfect for a hack. We walked about a quarter mile, then trotted down Steve’s waterway, reminding her to stretch over her topline and take bigger steps. Got some good change. Some canter work, then more trot and walk the last quarter mile home.

Canter trot transitions

In the last few sessions I have worked on helping her tune in to the seat, and with that coming along nicely, I started work on the canter to trot transition. We worked on staying relaxed in canter and reacting calmly to downward transition aids and made some nice progress.

A change of scenery

The gravel roads are perfect for hacking because the footing is soft enough for the horses and also makes the cars drive slow when they go by, of which there were exactly two because people avoid soft gravel – bonus! Missy on Sammy and I on Lexie went down Cam’s road and then east to the creek, about four miles. She got looser and looser in a positive manner. Great ride.

More seat aids

Since it is supposed to be so cold tomorrow and Monday, I was on a mission to work everyone today. Lexie and I worked more on seat aids today, with very good success. After a brief review, she showed the correct response in walk and even had some moments of nice rebalance in trot. Her canter work was more malleable as well! Great!