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Sold: Solomon Harry

Harry is an eleven-year-old, 18h, big-bodied draft cross gelding.  He has a kind and fun personality and has hunted once in the gate group and shown jumping at schooling shows. He is comfortable being ridden in groups.

Harry has had time off the last three years and is looking for a fun new partner. He would be suitable for foxhunting, lower level eventing or could just be a fun trail riding partner. He is sound and current on vaccinations, coggins, shoeing and de-worming. He trailers well.

He peaceably lives out with a small herd 24/7 with access to a shelter.  He has good herd social skills. Harry is located in central Iowa and his price is mid four figures. Contact Camie Stockhausen by email at or text/voice at 515 231-9875.

Trot work

We warmed up with some lunge work. She has a click sound coming from somewhere behind, but she is perfectly sound. I’ve seen this happen a few times with horses coming in to work, and it usually fades as they gain fitness. Her walk and trot are becoming more consistent and her canter work is pretty quick yet, but improving.

She was better for mounting today and walked very nicely right off the bat. We did some work on halt, which is coming along and then did a fair amount of work in trot and she relaxed and did well.

In the tack!

We had a short lunging session to check the state of the craft and she was really very good. Her canter improved miraculously overnight, LOL. Seriously, it was improved over yesterday by a surprising amount. She just generally is in a happy mood.

She was a little squirelly for mounting, but I asked a friend to steady her and she was fine. We did a lot of walking with an emphasis of staying relaxed and ahead of the leg, her couple of in hand rearing sessions at the forefront of my mind. She only mentioned once that she might be thinking about it.

We worked a lot in walk and trot. She really is not solid with “whoa,” so we did some work on that, and she is picking it up quickly. The trot work, not surprisingly goes in and out of balance. She has such a big motor and reach that there is a lot of balancing for her to do. I sat in the middle and quiet and let her work it out and she did quite well. She was proud of herself at the end.

I know she is leaving in December, but now that finally the stars are aligning, I am going to see how far we can get before she has to go. Fun girl!

Lunge soundness check

She had been sound after shoeing, but I wanted to make sure we were firing on all cylinders, so I lunged her today. She was actually a little unsound at first in front, but after one or two circles it abated. Sometimes horses anticipate pain when they have had it for a while. Once she figured out she was painless, she trotted beautifully. She really has a free shoulder and a lot of drive!

Canter was a bit disorganized, but she managed a few quite easy flying lead changes when she picked up the wrong lead. She got tired pretty quickly but was game throughout.

Every girl likes a new pair of shoes

Randy Hoy and I scheduled a time that he could be at Field Day when I was available to help reassure Candy while she got her front feet shod. She had been brewing an abscess the last time he tried to shoe her and she was a bit naughty and the mission was aborted. The abscess came to a head a few days later and the mystery of her behavior was solved. Today she was a little bit tense for the shoeing, but kept it together well enough for him to pretty easily get front shoes on her.

Saturday October 12, 2019 Eventing Clinic with Camie Stockhausen at Catalpa Corner, Iowa City

315309_2334932819946_1448589939_2643365_28333312_n_2What: XC school in small groups with Camie Stockhausen

Where: Catalpa Corner Horse Park, Iowa City

When: Saturday October 12, 2019

Why: To expand your riding and jumping skills with a USEA ICP-certified riding instructor and have fun with your horse and like-minded people. Maybe to prepare for riding in the One Day Event at the park on Sunday!


Thank you Beth Burrell for the use of this photo.

How: Saturday group xc lessons, $60 per horse/rider combination

Park Fees: Park-use fee for each horse/rider combination, paid to the Catalpa Corner Horse Park is $70 per day of park use. Friday night stabling is available for $25. Stalls must be stripped upon departure.  Park fees will be paid on site.  Clinic fees must be paid in advance for scheduling purposes and can be paid via paypal payment to or by mailed check made out to ‘Field Day’ and mailed to Field Day, ATTN clinic, 57560 highway 210, Cambridge, IA 50046-8583.

Entering details: Enter by filling out the online registration form below.  Payment may be made by check or PayPal, as indicated above. For a clinic entry to be complete, online entry, payment, signed Field Day waiver and Catalpa Corner waiver must be received by noon on Monday, October 7. Waivers may be printed out, signed, scanned or photographed and emailed to, if desired.  Ride times for completed entries will be posted no later than Tuesday October 8, 9:00 p.m.

Stabling: Available Friday on first come first served basis.  Stabling available Saturday on a priority basis for entrants in the Sunday One Day Event.  Saturday stall reservations are made through the ODE entry.

Camping: $30.00/weekend, limited. Campers will receive a tag to display.

Hack on the new trails

My new neighbors created some trails that they invited me to ride, so I did, with Lexie! We went out in the late evening and did a lot of trotting and some hill work. She did very well, starting to come over her topline more consistently.