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Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.17.10 PMHow to get on Eventing Nation: Lay down a 24.8 dressage score, then go double clear cross country, then stop and nearly fall off at fence one in showjumping.  Regroup, finish the course and win the blue.  Details

Eventing 101 slide show

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Scratches Recipe

4 oz. zinc oxide

2 oz. neosporin

2 oz. miconazole nitrate (desinex or monostat has it)

1 oz. hydrocortizone cream

Trim the hair away from the affected area to expose it to the air. Apply the above to the area once or twice daily. If a severe case, apply heavily and wrap for a day to soften scabs. Keep horse out of mud and if the scratches area gets wet in rain or post-riding rinse, dry thoroughly ASAP and reapply the above. Good luck!


Short clip of me on Sammy, Carine Stava on Zoe and Jay Stockhausen on Elliot jumping a coop in Burwell, Nebraska on a hunt in the Sandhills April 2013. Burwell0413