Aw shucks feedback

Hey, I need to thank you, yet again, for the lesson. I couldn’t ride Saturday but yesterday I practiced with her and we got it! At all 3 gaits! It just gelled and worked really well when we were riding outside in the field. I always end the ride with a walk through the woods/prairie and tried it out there and not so much, but we’ll keep at it. I get what you mean about just a few strides and it made all the difference. You get the Incredible Instructor Award yet again!!!

Kate Hladky


We won 1st place ended on our dressage score of 34!! I can’t thank you enough for our clean xc round. You get ALL the credit for making it successful. We rocked the xc.. he was foot perfect… Your advice made all the difference! Again, I can’t thank you enough. SJ was awesome too, he really shines in that. I angled the horseshoe jump like you said, rode perfectly.

Liana Haule

Thanks, Camie. We had a terrific time and really had some breakthrough learning moments!


I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had with you. I so enjoyed my lessons. Gracie and I left with a good chunk of new things to work on to say the least. We’ve been working away on our timing for canter departs, staying more supple in the rib cage and jaw, more elastic hands, and trying out our new full release over jumps.

Hope all is well for you. Again, it was a delight meeting you. We had such a great time and wish you were just a little closer to us so we could have lessons more often!

Many thanks again.


I just wanted to thank you for a great lesson. Being out of the horse world for so long, I was very nervous to get back up. However You made the return very easy and stress free. You are a great teacher and have loads of patience. Thank you and Sammy for such a great time. Cant wait to do it again.

Sheri C

Hi Camie,

I had a BLAST last night thanks for your excellent coaching! I will definitely be joining the Monday nighters again. Thank you again for the wonderful lesson last night! You are a great coach!

Thanks again,


Once again, you made it all so simple. Thank you for your expert instruction and great sense of humor to go along with it.

Dee and Raji

I want thank you for a fun morning. I actually enjoyed myself ! You discussion on where to store fear was useful. I am so glad that I made myself do the training drop in. Woot!!! Hope you guys had an uneventful drive home.


Hey Camie! Had a blast!! Followed and breathed!!!!! You have helped me so much!!!! Ever since I’ve unlocked my elbows Lucky and I have been clicking!!!! I just love him!!! :0) Thanks for your help!! You’re a great coach :0) :0) (PS: We got 1st!!!!)


OMG Camie – thank you, thank you, thank you. You made it all so simple for Raj and me to be successful! I think so much of him and it’s very important to me that I help him feel the best he can about himself and the job he’s doing. When I feel I’ve done that – then I’M successful.

Again – a HUGE thank you!

Dee Diesch

Luke and I had so much fun last weekend! You have a positive, no nonsense approach to teaching that is very good for me. Your advice about the “gold” box and the “black” box was great-it is very liberating to be able to dispose of the negatives and dwell on the positives.

Thanks for a fun weekend.

Vicki Klemm (and Luke!)

Two things I wanted to mention: I really liked the way you sat down with me and discussed the jumping warm-up before I did it, very helpful; and this idea that you go into the ring like you own it, that image really helps my confidence. In other words you did a terrific job coaching me and I really appreciate it!

Hi Camie,

Ended on such a great note. The best cross country ride I’ve ever had. PJ went to the base of every fence and jumped right out of stride. He developed that great rhythm that eluded us in dressage and stadium. I know the clinic on Saturday was the perfect preparation. Thanks so much
for a really fine weekend. There is so much to learn and that is why this is such a great sport.


Hi Camie!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving the clinic at Catalpa this weekend and for helping me out and sharing your knowledge! Callie and I both appreciated it very much and I feel like we both learned a lot from you. It will all help us very much in practicing and future events. I really feel like you taught both of us how to improve and what we need to work on together, which is some very valuable information! Thanks again!
-Jessie Carpenter

I LOVE your bag of groceries technique. It works fantastic and the last four strides to a fence I just think bag of groceries over and over. Between that and riding a well schooled hunter jumping is FUN again!”

Sandra Brommert

That’s why I like your style of training, Camie, because you’re not going to put a horse in a competition situation unless he has a very good chance of getting an “A.” That’s essential for building confidence and a solid foundation for both horse and rider. I know you know how many trainers there are out there that are not doing a good job at the basics. No one, horse or rider, in their right mind wants to be ill-prepared for a “test question.” I think that it’s OK to push your comfort zone, in fact I think you should, but within reason. I noticed that your horses seem happy and well adjusted and there’s a reason for that!


Camie Stockhausen Clinic Spring 2009 (Horse’s Point of View)

By ”Ben” -Gentle Benjamin Rossini with assistance from Ruth M. Rose

(With an Irish brogue)

Hey, Yippee-My Wee Shippin’ Boots are out,

Mom’s takin’ me somewhere-Can’t wait to see what this is about!

Boo’s in there—We must be jumpin’ this week,

‘Cause Chris doesn’t go if there’s not somethin’ to leap!

We’re here-Hey-I get a big stall!

Arena’s huge-Looks like we’ll have a ball.

Head out for Dressage, Mom’s positioning sucks…

That Tall Lady’s helpin’ her—Guess I won’t buck.

CRAP there’s somethin’ out there that goes ‘Quack”

All I see is white chickens—that’s a fact!


Mind yourself, I’ve gone spare; I don’t care.

Okay out on the quarter mile track to cool down,

Wow, this looks like great fun to run around!

Mom’s a chicken, she won’t let me all out,

So I guess I’ll go slow and not pout.

Jumpin’ mornin’ arrives, Yippee Yai!

I’m runnin’ round like a big blue arsed fly.

Darn-My fun’s ruined now- I can see…

That tall lady figured out how to get Mom to ‘bend’ me.

She told Mom a big lie-about Management,

Crap-Now Mom thinks she’s in charge of jumpin’ these fences.

What’s she thinking-Now she’s asked me to HALT!!

What the heck-Blue Collar sucks-This is NOT my fault!

Okay FINE– but she’s in trouble now-

Cause I’m not gonna do ‘gimmie’s’ NO MORE, NO HOW.

So if Mom’s NOT ‘Rhythm, Balanced, and Lined’-


Okay fine, I’ll cooperate fifty per cent-

Cause Mom’s takin’ good care of the Rent.

But this new way of ridin’ she thinks works,

Ha—good thing I like her—or I’d dump her arse in the dirt…

I sure hope that tall lady “Camie” stays here in Ames,

And those two stop collaboratin’ on their games.

‘Cause this ‘Bend’ Stuff is pissin’ me off,


Wow-I’m tired, I haven’t worked this hard in a long time,

But you know, it was terrific fun jumpin’ those courses and lines.

Mom’s sure gotta work a lot harder on her ’Auto-Release’ and ‘Seat’,

But I love her, after all– she’s darn proficient with abundant Love– and Treats!

The End


Camie Stockhausen Clinic Spring 2009 (Rider’s point of view)

By Ruth M. Rose with assistance from Gentle Benjamin Rossini


It started out spitting some snow,

But Chris, Boo, Ruth, and Ben were DETERMINED to go!

From Sioux City to Ames–Camie’s Three G Farm Clinic,

To learn great riding skills we’ll keenly mimic!


We meet Kate Hladky and Songha, Martha Wick and Speck,

Cailyn Heye and Oy, and Theresa (her mom) join the party- on deck.

Friend Michelle King and Emma show up and start helping,

And a host of Staff –all smiling, pleasant and welcoming!


Mounting quietly with our reins firmly collected,

Not plopping down, horses backs and minds are affected!

Bend those knees, positioning so you’d land on your feet,

Elbows opening more than you’d think- while posting down with the beat!


When your horse is good, stroke lightly in the direction of their hair,

Reins loose, keep from bumping mouths, ‘cause that’s not fair!

Sternum ‘Fore, head and eyes up, and SLOOOW DOWwwwwN,

Quality is much more important than speed—that’s how impulsion is found!


Rhythm, Line, and Balance are the keys to jumping well,

Ruth and Ben had loads of excitement to quell.

Chris and Ruth renamed their horses that day,

“Buck-A-Roo” Boo, and “Bend” Ben are here to stay!


Positioning: Take our thighs off the horse, doggie style—

BUT one caution I’ll add with a smile.

When at home on the trail attempting this valuable task,

Hang on the bucking strap, in case YOUR pheasants pop out of the grass!


We leave a couple of new pitchforks with appreciation,

Three G’s barn crew recognized for their thoughtfulness, alongside admiration.

And Camie, with the tips, tricks, and “Management Ruling”

Blue Collar Ben and I will try to be good student of yours- and practice our ‘schooling’!


“How To Prepare ourselves and our horse for Successful Eventing Season”,

A great tool filled with facts and common sense reason.

I think with this clinic we’re very confidently started–

Camie and Three G Farms–with appreciation for all we received, we’re glad-hearted!


We’re so lucky to have this kind of life in America, Land of the Free,

Our lives filled with horses, friends, generosity, and OPPORTUNITY.

Looking forward to a great Eventing season– filled with great cheer,

Meeting all these “ Groovy” new friends through Eventing this year!

The End

Hi Camie,

Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend-it was great (in spite of the weather boo) and i learned ALOT and you sent us home with lots of things to work on and to think about. it was a good prep for the spring season.


Thanks again for the excellent lesson yesterday – I feel my confidence coming back! You have given me many exercises and mental images to use at home or fall back on if problems arise. I thank you!!


Camie, The crazies had a good day to a person and horse. The clinic was just what everyone needed. Thank you.

Susan Satterlee

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the clinic. I took Dior out this morning and she was more calm than normal. Concentrated on staying in the tack and keeping my hands quiet Dior was more calm so that was good. Hope you enjoyed the clinic-it was great for us.

Sana Shagets

I thought the lesson yesterday was great! I know I’ll need reminders about my hands (maybe I just should pin a note to the back of his head to constantly remind me!!!) but I think it really did make a lot of sense and the result was so clear so quickly that if (no, when!!!!) I can just teach myself to break the habit of pulling back when he gives, I think it’s going to come together really well! And when he was rounded his gait was so much better that I don’t think the “choppy trot” problem is going to be a problem at all in the long run. So I’m psyched! Thanks!!

Kristen Johansen

OK, I don’t mean this at all as bragging but just wanted you to know that Shadow and I did our first mini of the summer BN (schooling show) this past week end and we did a roll top, a fort, a turkey feeder, logs, an up bank, barrels and some other jumps and it was because I was smart enough to do your clinic beforehand that I felt comfortable and confident going into this event to do that. We went double clean x-c and stadium and finished on our dressage score of 35. It was great. Christel rode in the green as grass division and did really well also. We even talked about things you had told us in your clinic like “elbow” and belly button forward and Saturday when I walked my courses I went home and visualized the entire course and it was just great. Your clinic really, really helped me (and my confidence) tons.

So thanks again for everything. I do hope to ride with you again in the future.

PS. I also do the stretching exercise you showed me everyday.

Erin Melloy and Shadow

Your lessons are very effective. 🙂 I was able to hop on DJ yesterday, and I felt like a goofy 9-yr old after her first pony ride (the excitement). He cantered on the first try!!! Details later, but thank you so much for giving me such effective tools to use in my riding repertoire.

Amy Dvorack

I want you to know how much I appreciated all the time and effort you put into helping Laagie and me understand our lesson yesterday. Please know also though, that I don’t expect you to spend all that time trying to get us to understand all the time. I appreciate it, but it’s not expected. I really feel like we got it though-that we’re going to be able to work on it these next couple of weeks and show you what we can do at our next lesson! Thank you!

Emma Van Wyngarden

I have to say this has been the best experience in dealing with a professional. Everything has been perfect, with one exception, and I do believe in honesty…you live too dang far away, there needs to be a Camie South. While I can send horses to you, I can’t send ‘me’ to you. That is the only thing you need to improve on – move south! Like to the KC – Louisburg area!

Oh well, I tried.

Thanks for it all, keep in touch, Julie Honsinger


Wow, I just want to thank you again. I gave Caesar a day of rest yesterday then rode tonight. It was amazing. Within five minutes of getting on I got him into a good walk and he accepted the bit. It was incredible! After doing it both directions I dared to try it in the trot. It only took him a few minutes each direction to figure out what I was asking. I never thought that it would be possible. Thank you so much. 🙂 I also had the unlimited confidence to go out in his pasture today and jump some cross-country jumps out there that neither of us have jumped before. I am so happy I had those lessons with you. My confidence improved immensely. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough. 🙂

Thanks so much again,
Alayna Rasmussen

Hi Camie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful lesson! Laagie gets a break today, but I can’t wait to hop on him tomorrow and go over all we learned! And I can’t wait for my next lesson! We really had a great time, and I feel so much more confident in teaching him (and myself) how to be a good horse (and rider)! Thank you!

Emma (and Laag-I’m sure he’s thankful too!)

Thanks Camie, this is WONDERFUL!!!!! Not only can you deal with horses, you can communicate! Hi ho Silver, I’m about ready to rear up here with all this good stuff. This is really fun, I await her daily progress reports like I’m on foal watch; every night I get excited and can’t wait to read the news, whatever the results!

Julie Honsinger, Mission Valley Hunt

We hunted MVH on Sunday. It was much slower paced than Saturday which worked to our advantage. We hunted for two hours and then quit. They were a bit tired and managed very well. We jumped 4-5 coops without any problems. All in all it was a great day. We had a number of compliments on their disposition and behavior. You did a good job and we thank you for that.

Frank and Sana Shagets, Coal Valley Hunt

I wanted to let you know is how much I enjoyed your comments at the 3 G Farms Snowdrift Indoor Driving event a few weeks ago. It was great to get the feedback from the dressage test and fun to have a chance to work in this atmosphere. I am a very beginner, beginner, so all comments were welcome. You really did a nice job on the evaluations of the tests. Thanks again for the help and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Katy Rhinehart, RN

(Regarding the foxhunting clinic) …this kind of riding can not be taught ‘on the trails’ as so many people think that it can – you need an experienced hunter to pass on the information, and the correct terrain, open spaces and jumps to really get a first feel for what things might be like (with a lot less people than at the hunt!!!). Also to be recommended to fledgeling eventers to get a feel for how their horse is going to react and cope with uneven terrain and groups of horses.


Good morning Camie!

I just wanted to drop you an email to say THANK YOU! Stephanie had such a good time at your clinic and now is all focussed on going to the PC hunt on the 12th. I loved to see her grinning and ready to go! It was a confidence builder that she really needed, and you obviously did a great job with her! She always does well with a good teacher because she WANTS to do it, and if she believes that an instructor thinks her capable, she will try even if she is not so sure herself!

Thanks again!


Hi Camie,

Thanks for a wonderful clinic to get my greenie introduced to Foxhunting- we both made it through and still like each other. Thanks too for salient advice on Melissa’s hunt (you prevented a disaster!),


Hi Camie

I had a blast yesterday, all your advice made sense and was helpful. I will do my best to keep that all in mind while practicing these next two weeks!

Nicole Tinfo

Hi Camie,

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for your help with both me and my big boy. I so wish we lived closer to each other. Thank you for challenging and supporting me. I know how much progress both Moose and I have made in this past year and I’m excited to continue that this next year. Please let me know of opportunities that you feel Moose and I would benefit from in the future; for instance, schooling shows, cross country training opportunities etc. I’d still love to see you ride him at those kind of things, as well, as my continuing to work to get there myself.

I appreciate you looking at my tack today, very helpful.