waveCamie’s philosophy regarding training horses is to educate, give clear direction, and encourage horses to be confident in themselves. She has developed horses from foal to competition in dressage, eventing, foxhunting, combined driving and western. She specializes in developing foxhunters and eventers, having trained many notable foxhunters and, among other things, the 2007-2009 ITBOA Preliminary Eventing Horse of the Year.

When horses come to Camie for training, they are allowed 24-hour turnout with a large, new shelter, with one, or at most two, other horses. This freedom to move about and socialize allows the horses to relax and learn more easily. Fences are sturdy and safe. Hay is top quality – the same hay that is fed to the competition horses – and we feed quality Purina Feeds.

Horses are worked an average of every other day for 15 sessions per month. Additionally, the horses are interacted with at least twice per day by Camie which can be an immense help to their ground manners. Lots of personal attention by the trainer is one of the many advantages of our hand-crafted program.

DSCN0379Typically, when a horse comes to Field Day, from one to two weeks is spent doing dressage. The horse is taught or reminded about the responses expected from the leg, seat and rein aids. After this work is completed, horses often are much more confident because they understand what they need to do to please their riders. Knowing this, they gain confidence, and work on specific skills advances rapidly. Horses are ridden both inside and outside of the arena and out on individual hacks. Outings to horse parks or trails can be arranged to expand the experience of the horse.

Owners are encouraged to come to Field Day and observe their horses’ lifestyle and their training sessions. Included with training are 2 lessons per month for owners, which can help riders and horses communicate more effectively and solidify new skills.

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