Some time with Tag

Nice day for a graze, so the first thing we did was go out in the yard and graze grass for a while.

Then I put him in the cross ties and brushed him and played with him. He was more distracted than usual, so after I was done, I took him to the indoor and let him get some of that energy out:

After he was done with his romp, he had a nice roll:

Harley day one

I walked out and caught him in his paddock easily, had a few quiet conversations with him about who was in charge. He agreed and got on the trailer with only a bit of hesitation.

Harley on board physically, now let’s get him on board figuratively. 🙂

Offered For Sale: Bravado Cat

Everything is fun when you have the right partner

Bravado is an eight-year-old, 17h, big-bodied thoroughbred gelding.  He has been foxhunted for two seasons with North Hills Hunt including joint meets with other hunts and two trips to our nationally-famous Burwell fixture. About half the time he was ridden as the field master’s horse and the other half of the time in the field.  He’s used to being ridden out alone and is a bold, but sensible, jumper, and nonchalant about hounds.

He has evented successfully at USEA-recognized Beginner Novice level and schooled and done a schooling event at Novice level.  

He peaceably lives out with a small herd 24/7 with access to a shelter.  He has good herd social skills.

Bravado recently passed a basic pre-purchase examination at Iowa State University in anticipation of his sale.  Rider in most of the the images is 6’3″ tall; Bravado is a measured 17 hands.  No vices, good hooves, current on all veterinary and farrier needs, link to pedigree.  $12,500.  Located in Cambridge, Iowa, 1 minute off I-35.  Contact Camie Stockhausen or 515 231 9875.

Scope to burn.  All showjumping pictures on this page were taken by Expressfoto
Stands out in a crowd (second from right) and plays well with others

Third in line, coming up to the jump (Bridle Spur Hunt, STL)
Dozing in the sun with his friends
Stands at checks
Loads, ties, clips
Can take a joke.  Used to students having fun.
Though he isn’t asked to carry students often, he’s a good sport about it.

Heading out to hunt, leading the field
Bank at Catalpa Corner Horse Park
Novice showjumping at Sundance Farm Horse Trial

Canter trot transitions

In the last few sessions I have worked on helping her tune in to the seat, and with that coming along nicely, I started work on the canter to trot transition. We worked on staying relaxed in canter and reacting calmly to downward transition aids and made some nice progress.

Hack in the sunshine

Such a beautiful day! I went out and brought him in to brush him and he is shedding quite nicely! His hooves look great. I tacked up and headed out on a hack. We walked down the hill and half way back up for warm up and then trotted up the rest of the hill. He thought that was pretty fun, but also pretty hard.

Then we went for another long walk past the chicken house and took a right at the T intersection. When we turned onto the road that goes west to the Delander Cemetery, I asked for canter, thinking I would take it easy and just got a short way. He was very happy to go, giving me a few overly-rounded canter steps and snaky neck to boot. It was hilarious.

We trotted much of the way home, and walked the last half mile. He feels great, is at perfect weight and in good humor. Some of our peaceful walk:

A change of scenery

The gravel roads are perfect for hacking because the footing is soft enough for the horses and also makes the cars drive slow when they go by, of which there were exactly two because people avoid soft gravel – bonus! Missy on Sammy and I on Lexie went down Cam’s road and then east to the creek, about four miles. She got looser and looser in a positive manner. Great ride.

Leo’s big adventure

A beautiful day to ride and Leo was in a prime mood for cookies and fun. We went down the hill to the end, then up the hill and east to the property where the guy is always burning things in the ditch. LOL. The gravel road was terrible for driving, but great for a canter! After untacking he had a nice roll in the indoor.