Notes on Buying and Selling Horses

Selling your horse or buying one can be an emotional process, which is why it is helpful to have an agent to help you.  Here are a few notes that may help ease the way.

It is the seller’s responsibility to:

  • Communicate honestly with the agent
  • Provide proof of current standard vaccinations
  • Provide proof of negative coggins test dated within the last year
  • Provide properly shod or trimmed barefoot horse
  • Provide photos and videos that complement horse  (If they do not exist, media can usually be created by the agent for a fee).
  • Allow that sales may take several months to accomplish
  • Pay the agent the agreed-upon fee at the agreed-upon time

It is the agent’s responsibility to:

  • Communicate honestly with seller and buyer
  • Prepare the horse for showing to buyers (This may include training, addressing vices, aesthetic improvement through getting the horse at an appropriate weight, trimming hair or other.  These services will be accomplished by seller, or accomplished by agent and paid for by seller.)
  • Gather or create-for-a-fee complementary video and pictures of the horse
  • Market the horse
  • Using contacts and experience, locate and establish communication with a buyer for whom the horse is a good fit
  • Accomplish sale including:
    • initial communication with all potential buyers
    • presenting horse for trial by potential buyer(s) and/or trainer(s)
    • addressing questions of potential buyer
    • coordinating pre-purchase exam, if necessary
    • attending pre-purchase exam, if necessary
    • negotiating price (with direction from seller)
    • creating, executing and delivering bill of sale
    • assisting with transfer of ownership of registration papers

It is the buyer’s responsibility to:

  • Communicate honestly with the agent
  • Make arrangements to see the horse
  • Pay for pre-purchase exam
  • Pay for health certificate if required
  • Pay the sale price of the horse to the seller
  • Pay the agent the agreed-upon fee for services, if any