Grooming and inhand work were unremarkable other than the fact that she is really a treat to work with and terrifically attractive. She has big brown deer eyes. I got on and she was fine, though bothered by flies. I got off, went back in and fly sprayed her again, especially on her belly, because she is very bothered by flies there and will pull up her hind legs to brush them away so energetically as to feel as if she is bucking, which she clearly isn’t, but it lifts my seat bone on that side about 6″ higher than the other! Poor dear.

I got back in the tack and trotted along for a while, then asked for a halt. She stopped as abruptly as she is wont, but also threw her head up and smacked me at the base of my nose with her poll. Really? Pretty not cool.

So I decided that having a little closer rein contact might be a good idea – enough contact to discourage her from throwing her head like a wild child, but still enough slack and elasticity that she does not feel trapped or inhibited.

After some canter work we (Margaret on Lottie) went out on a hack for a few minutes which went well.