Pippa gets a new bridle

When I arrived, Margaret already had Pippa in the aisle. She was working on having Pippa ground tie while she groomed her and was apparently having good success, as the young mare was standing agreeably with a relaxed expression. I finished the rest of the grooming with her in the cross ties, since I had to walk back and forth to my car for some things and to the tack room to get her saddle and new bridle.

After I worked her in hand while chatting with Jon, I put her new bridle on. (Beautiful hand-me down from her brother. Michelle has taken such good care of the bridle. It is in supple, lovely condition.) I took the dropped noseband off and left her with the cavesson. I am not a big fan of dropped nosebands, aesthetically or functionally, but I can live with them. I just don’t use them if there isn’t good reason. I hung the strap on the girth bar in the tack room.

I got on and did a tour about the area around the arena, over by the hydrant and garden, through the water complex and back, never leaving sight of the barn. Magee appeared on Lottie and we both worked in the arena for about 10 minutes. We had some nice canter work. We moved the fences so that there is room to go around the outside of them.

Then Pippa led “Uncle Lottie” on a tour of the property including going by the spraying sprinkler in the east pasture, along the hilly trail by the fenceline, to the water complex, around the field counter clockwise, down the path from the south field to the lower meadow where the related-distance tables are (which is more of a slope than it seems and she did well), through the water complex and to the far side of the arena where I dismounted. Great day.