Pippa has a day of it

Pippa was out grazing when I arrived and she let herself be caught and settled into the cross ties just fine. After grooming, I did some in hand work and she seemed to be a little stiff to the left, but she improved and cooperated just fine. Then I got in the tack. She backed up about 5 steps when asked to go forward, but she eventually went. Her walk work was usual, a little behind the leg, but came around. Trot was pretty good actually, and then we did some sidepassing, which went quite well.

In canter work, she was kicking out at the pile of jump rails in their holder. Every time we would go by she would kick at it and land bucking. She got over herself, but it was a little unusual. She settled in and we had some good canter work. Then we went out for a hack. A friend was walking with my dogs ahead of us, which Pippa thought was interesting no end. She walked along fine. When we got to the other side of the cornfield, something (nothing any of the humans or Lottie discerned) scared her and she whirled 180 degrees and did a leap and buck that nearly got me off. I was none too impressed and when she settled I was very glad. I did not punish her because she did stop quickly and she must have been scared of something to do that. It just isn’t in her nature.

We walked back to the arena and did some walk, trot and canter work, which went well.

I can only think that, since she is two years old, her young brain just gets overwhelmed with too many stimuli. I will be more thoughtful with what I present to her.