Pippa comes to Field Day

Jon and Margaret brought Pippa over to Field Day for a roadtrip experience. It was also the maiden experience for the new trailer, so exciting times all around. Pippa and Lottie unloaded well and settled into the washrack just fine. We tacked up and road in the indoor.

Pippa thought it was pretty strange that she was in an arena and could see outside as well, but dealt with that pretty well. She was suprised a time or two by Luke moving outside, and had a big shy at that, but she recovered well. Then I got off and held onto her reins while I opened the overhead door, which, like many horses, she thought was pretty scary. However, she got over it as I walked her through it several times. Then I got on and walked her through it and she did fine.

Lottie and Margaret and Pippa and I then went on a hack around the pasture. The traffic was whizzing by on the state highway, but she was mostly non-reactive to it – just lent it an ear for some of the louder traffic, but didn’t react.

At one point she sniffed a log jump and then put her hoof on it, which knocked some bark off it and scared her. She whirled 180 degrees, but recovered quickly. Funny girl.

Then we hacked back in, untacked and loaded her back into the trailer with no problem. Great day.