Pippa’s first hack out alone

Jon and Jay were solving the world’s problems in the shade while Pippa and I did some in hand work to warm up. I put her bridle on and had a walk around the grass jump arena and then did some flatwork in the arena. She continues to improve on balance and steering. She bucked a few times in canter, but nothing to worry about. Then we went on a hack around the outside of the corn field. Of course, she was looking for Lottie especially when we turned for home, but she managed to keep relatively steady. Just a few trot steps and some inattention. Not bad at all. Then did the path Margaret and Lottie and Pippa and I did last week, but this time from the opposite direction. She was suspicious of the green bench, but kept her head about her and her feet moving. Very good.

We had a nice rinse, fly spray and back out to her run.Very good day.