Pippa’s first hill

Very hot weather suggested a morning ride. When I arrived at 9:15, Margaret already had Pippa in the cross ties and Pippa was putting on her cutest face when I walked up. She is just darling.

We tacked up and I did some in hand work which went well. I put her bridle on and walked her around, but today we went out in the grass right away rather than staying in the sand, just for something different. She looked pretty hard at all the jumps, but did well and went by. Then we did trot and canter work in the sand. We had a buck in canter, but she got over it pretty quickly.

Margaret and Lottie and Pippa and I went on a new trail for Pippa – the one east of the barn. We went past the ditch, which she only looked at and kept her feet moving, then down the hill to the spot that is usually wet, but is currently dry. She lost her balance down the hill a little, but managed pretty well.

Then we had a walk around the field and Pippa did very well. She gets a little goofy by the traffic on the west side of the property. Maybe she should come and live in our pasture for a few days and let the traffic go by and learn to tolerate it.

Then we came back and Margaret rode Pippa for a bit around the arena, which went well.