Like Jurassic Park

…without those pesky velociraptors and such.

It was a day set to be as hot as I imagine the Jurassic period was, 80 degrees at 9 a.m. and humid. So I brought Austin in and tacked up and headed for the shady trails that go south from the driveway entrance in Peterson Park. I love these trails as they are not well-used, but still well-maintained. The foliage along them this time of year is lush and could easily harbor velociraptors, but luckily Austin and I showed up about 150 million years late for that.

With that happy thought, we walked down the trail on a long rein, over twists and turns and up and down small hills to the bridge. He was relaxed, with a great tempo and ears up the whole way. We encountered less than 10 horseflies through the entire time, and I am happy to report that 8 fewer are drawing breaths because of my efforts this morning.

When we got home, we had a nice rinse and I turned him back out to graze. He’d like to remind you that his princely self is out of fly spray, and thanks for the new bag of cookies. Very yummy.