Hack to Peterson Park

I brought him in from the paddock and let him eat grass while I curried him. He was all about both things. Then I tacked up and went out on the trails to Peterson Pits. We went down the Owl Trail (I’ll show you sometime), crossed the small creek and went around the outside of the hayfield. He shied mightily at a tractor in the adjacent field, for which he was given a clue that he is supposed to get a grip. Geez, we live in Iowa, tractors are part of the deal.

Then we crossed the road and into Peterson Park. He had just enough edge taken off that he settled into his work nicely and we enjoyed a good hack until we found the trails were closed. It was 85 degrees and humid, so it was time to go home anyway.

I rinsed him when I got home and then let him graze for 20 minutes, which he was all about.