New ground

Not a terrific day weather wise, with overcast skies and a strong breeze. But out we went. We covered some new ground today, with a long stretch along the state highway, which I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a few months ago. He was a little nervous, but managed quite well. A particularly loud and rattling semi that went by caused him to move away from it about a foot on our ditch ride, but he dealt actually pretty well. We then went down the gravel road and past the scary blue insulators that are waiting to be put on the new electric poles. These things are huge and odd looking, like 5′ long and bright blue, so I sort of empathized when he shied at them. I thought about it myself.

We continued on our way and got to the grass waterway which had a culvert and a bit of water and mud in front of it. I encouraged him to go forward with a lot of leg and he did. Very good. We went on the grass lane for a bit, turned around and came home. Very good day.