Scary lawnmowers

I went for a hack with a student of mine on her horse. Shadow seems to get along with the other horses pretty well. He doesn’t make a big effort to get near them, doesn’t offer to kick, will sniff if asked by the other horses and is an all around good sport. Can’t really train that, and really nice to have. We primarily walked and he was great until we were coming home and had to pass between Jay mowing the ditch (and shooting debris away from us, of course) and the highway. Shadow, understandably, found that a little overwhelming. I guess I wouldn’t recommend doing that kind of thing with any horse come to think of it. But anyway, he handled it adequately well. He settled very quickly.

When we got home, for a treat, I invited this student to ride Shadow in the arena. So few people have ridden a gaited horse and I also want to confirm how Shadow will behave with another rider. He was stellar and she had a big grin going on. Very good man.