May 18, 2013 Field Day at Walnut Creek Informal One Day Event (ODE)

Who: Beginner Novice and Novice Eventers, entry limit 20, so enter early!

What: Informal One Day Event, including dressage, xc and showjumping

Where: Walnut Creek, 54643 282nd street, Ames, IA

When: Saturday May 18th. Entry deadline noon on Wednesday May 15. Ride times will be posted Wednesday evening.

Why: An opportunity to practice your eventing competition skills. Braid if you want to practice it, wear your showclothes if you want to test run them. Unbraided and neat informal attire welcome as well.

Details: The purpose of this day is to allow riders to brush up for the eventing season by doing a run through of a horse trial in one day. Dressage tests will be scored, but no other scoring will take place. This is for fun and to work the kinks out of your competition skills. Dressage test B for both levels. Downloadable here. USEF rules for eventing will be followed where safety is concerned. ASTM-approved helmets and hard-soled boots are required, safety vests are recommended.

Judge/TD: Camie Stockhausen, USEA ICP-certified instructor, who has also completed all requirements for USEF certification as an Eventing Judge and Eventing Technical Delegate and will test for both certifications at Waredaca HT in Maryland in August 2013.

XC, simple course with water, ditches and terrain challenges, no time will be kept, but management reserves the right to comment on pace. 😉 Showjumping in sand and grass.

Tentative Schedule: 8:00 a.m. dressage; 10:30 showjumping, followed immediately by xc. Riders may choose to ride their showjumping rounds in xc attire.

Entry fee for ODE, including park fees, $75.

No onsite stabling. Offsite stabling, $25 per night.

You may make payment of $75 for entry fee by Paypal to or by mailed check made out to ‘Field Day’ to 57560 highway 210, Cambridge, IA 50046. Paid entries will be scheduled. Ride times will be posted on Wednesday May 15, which is also the deadline for entry.

For locals: We’ll have a set up party on Thursday evening May 16, starting at 5 p.m. or whenever you can make it. We’ll be numbering xc jumps, creating a start box and finish line, setting up the showjumping course and other duties as they appear. The show will provide sandwiches to anyone who shows up with a snappy smile and a pair of work gloves. Let me know if I can plan on you. Thanks!