Check on scratches and hack

I thought I had seen some scratches on her pasterns lately, so I mixed up a batch of the treatment and went to put it on her before our ride today, and, nothing!  I guess the dry weather we have had lately helped that.  Good enough!  I used the treatment on Bravado, who seems to have developed a good case of scratches on his right hind out of nowhere.  I owe you some scratches treatment.

I groomed her and headed out on an active hack to get some conditioning on her.  We went out to the ghost barn and back, doing a lot of trotting and cantering.  It was muggy and there were mosquitoes in the woods, so we beat feet to pass through quickly!  We got home and just as I got done rinsing her after I let her roll in the sand, a lovely front passed through, bringing in drier and cooler air that the horses can enjoy this afternoon.  Great!

She was rateable and happy.  Good ride.