Hickory Grove Blog

Wind advisory, but a beautiful, sunny, warm day, so Elsa and I headed out on a hack.  I took home your saddle pad on Thursday, washed it and brought it back because I was mostly the one who made it dirty and I know how busy you are right now.

We walked down the hill and she shared her beautiful swinging trot with me on the way up the hill.  Then a walk through the yard and a nice canter in the meadow.

We went into the DNR ground and back in the woods and managed to jump a few downed trees.

We had a canter in the hickory grove and then walked home.  It was warm enough that she enjoyed a rinse, and then a graze.

I brought Leo in and played with him while I groomed him. He is such a personable guy!  I did some flatwork while working with Megan and Archie.  Leo was a little quiet to the leg at first, but he came around quite nicely.  After the lesson we went out on a walk hack down and up the hill and then out to the hickory grove.  Then he got a nice graze.  My website is inexplicably not allowing me to upload the picture I took of him grazing, so I will put in this picture from last week because he’s such a big snugly bear.