Hickory Grove Blog

Beautiful day for riding horses, slight overcast with a breeze and no bugs.  I walked out with Tag’s halter, intending to ride him first, but Elsa had other ideas.  She marched right up to me and demanded that I put the halter on her, so of course I obliged.  After a grooming, we headed down hill on the road and she had a nice swinging walk right off the bat. She had a nice swinging trot on the way back up the hill.

Next we went out in the prairie and we worked on elastic connection in canter and she did very well.  We carried on to the DNR grounds and into the woods and generally had a great time.

Then she had a nice rinse and out for a graze.

Next it was Tag’s turn.  He’s such a sweet man.  I was disappointed to see that he had a pretty good cut on his lip.  I examined it and it doesn’t seem to be infected, but it is a little deep and I didn’t want to upset it by putting a bit in his mouth.

So, he won the prize of a half hour hand graze, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He was desperate to stuff grass in his mouth in the first few minutes, but then he settled in and enjoyed the process.

Then on to Leo, who was his usual charming cookie-begging self.  

We tacked up and headed out.  He seemed just a touch sensitive on the gravel, so we went out in the prairie.  He was sluggish at first, but after he warmed up, he swung right along.  I think that he is careful with his feet because he *had been* short because once we got into the softer grass in the DNR ground he was quite comfortable, in fact comfortable enough to buck in three separate instances.  He was very happy.

He was feeling so good that we considered the Man From Snowy River Trail, but at the last moment decided better.

Then we had a nice hack home and he felt very good.  He got a rinse and some time in the round pen to graze.