Hacking out with Larry, Leo and Elsa

Beautiful day.  Larry on Leo and I on Elsa went out for a hack.  Elsa was really clean considering the mud in the paddock and she is fully committed to spring shedding as evidenced by the floor after grooming.

I thought I took a picture of her cute face, but alas I did not.

On our ride we walked down the hill to the end of the road, had a little interaction with the funny black dog with the white feet down there, and trotted back up the hill.  Elsa was ready to go and Larry and Leo were enjoying each other.

We continued our ride past the barn and on, in walk, trot and canter to the Dalandar cemetary and then a little jaunt further south to the pavement.  On the way home Larry was working on right lead canter and ended with some lovely work.  My picture does not do it justice.Elsa was a little on her toes for the first part of the ride, but came around nicely at the end.  We walked home from the T intersection.  A lovely day.