Hickory Grove Training Blog

I brought both Elsa and Tag in to blow off some steam in the indoor.  Their paddock was dry on the near to the barn side and quite muddy down below.  They had the good sense to stay mostly out of the mud, and looked pretty good considering the circumstances.

I tacked Elsa and we headed off down the road to the end of it by the river.  We had a nice walk warm up down the hill.  Then we trotted back up the hill and she was swinging along quite beautifully – nice big step.

We walked through the yard and there was a trailer with hay on it with a tarp, which Elsa mentioned was scary, but then pretty much walked right by it.  We walked and trotted over to the hickory grove and then had a canter in it.  On the second trip around, I noticed we were leaving moderate hoof prints, so we put an end to that.  We had a lovely walk around the outside of the field, and viewed ten deer, which she had no problem with.

Then, to get some more cantering in, we went on the gravel road for a while and then turned around and walked home.  I untacked her and she enjoyed a roll in the sand.

I brought Tag in and groomed him and spent some extra time telling him how good he is and scratching his itchy shedding face and ears, which he appreciated.

Then we worked in the arena in all gaits and he did extraordinarily well considering he hasn’t been ridden since earlier this month.  So we went out on a hack over to the Delander cemetery.  He wanted to turn back when we were walking, but we had a discussion about that and carried on.  We had some nice work in trot and canter.

We walked the last half mile home and then I untacked him and let him roll in the sand.  Good man.