Canter work

I brought her in, let her bounce about in the indoor for a few minutes where she had a grand time, groomed, and tacked up.  Her hooves look great.

I started to go out to the prairie for a hack, but there was occasionally ice and where it wasn’t icy, it was pool-table hard.  We went about 50 yards and threw in the towel.

We worked in the indoor with a longish walk warmup and then a lot of work on half halt in trot.  She did well with that, and once we got the trot softer in her topline, I was rewarded with some very nice canter work.  We even got to work on trot-canter-trot transitions, one of my favorite exercise for topline suppling.

We had a nice walk warm down and then I let her loose to roll in the arena.  I put her blanket on because it is damp, so feels chilly!