Back to work

We’ve had a lot of time off due to the cold and today things were finally conducive to riding.  I tied her to the wash rack tie because Jay was hammering away on some improvements in the barn.  She decided she was going to sit back and pull like a donkey.  i think she was kind of surprised that the post held and then that I just walked away from her after she did it.  She didn’t get much reaction.  Ha!

Then I tacked her up and rode in the Schleese saddle.  It had about 5 fingers’ clearance over her withers, and it really should have three.  This indicates that the saddle is too narrow for her.  When I looked at the points, they were not parallel to her shape either.  It wasn’t egregious, so i rode her in it to see how she would go.  She went ok – hard to tell if it was the time off or the saddle.

She was a little tight to begin with, but came around nicely.