Feeling good

It was a beautiful evening and rifle deer  hunting is over so out to the prairie we went!

We had a nice long walk warmup and then some trot and canter work int he hickory grove.  Then on to jumping the logs on the ground, which she saw fit to for of run at out of sheer joy, the goofball.  We did those a few more times until she could contain herself and then on to the log pile to the barrels a few times, which went well.  Then we trotted and cantered 3/4 of the way around the prairie, flushed 7 pheasants, then turned around and did walk and trot on the way back.  Jumped the barrels and logs on the way home and had a nice walk cool out.

When we got back, I let her roll in the arena and then put her cooler on while I tacked up Leo.  By the time I was done with that she was ready for her regular blanket.  Very good night.