Dusk hack and arena work

The sun was just setting when I got him tacked.  We went down the gravel road toward the river.  He suggested that we not go down the hill, as evidenced by a few slow spins back left.  I corrected his assumption that he didn’t need to go forward and got marching and then a deer jumped out ahead of us, and he said, “I told you it was scary!”, at which point I said, “Deer aren’t scary, back to it, brother.”  And he dutifully did.

We went down to the barricade and then the black dog came out, which he was only mildly alarmed at.  Then we had a lovely trot back up the hill.  He is moving beautifully.

Then some nice loose canter work in the arena, and he did very nicely and seemed happy with himself.  Good man.  There were peppermints too.  🙂