I brought him in and tacked him up and he was great about it.  His eye looks as well as I’ve seen it.  Then I lunged him in the indoor and he was also good there.  I got on and he was relaxed right off the bat.  We did some work in all gaits in the indoor and then went out for a hack.  Daylight was fading, but he didn’t seem to mind.  We went around the meadow and he produced some really nice, through, large-swinging-step trot, which was very fun for both of us.  Canter work was good.  We were walking when a group of grouse flushed all around us.  Seriously.  Some in the meadow, some in the tall grass between the meadow and the soybeans.  And they kept flushing.  I think the parents got up first, and then the kids, then the grandparents and it took a while for the drunk uncles to decide to fly.  Archie was a little beside himself for a few seconds, but did not do anything naughty, just basically danced a bit and got over it impressively quickly.

Then we had another trot and a nice relaxed walk in.  During the walk we discussed the option of not bracing on the right rein and he eventually bought in.  Very good.  Untacked, peppermints, fed him his grain.  Good man.