Blustery day does not stop the right lead progress for unstoppable Felix

Despite the blustery conditions today, Felix is quite happy in his south-facing run in.  He’s eating hay in the sunshine and out of the wind.  He ate his breakfast and seems quite content.

In mid-morning, I brought him in and groomed him in the cross tie and proceeded to the indoor  for some work.  We did the same exercise as yesterday, with a long walk warm up, some trot work and then on to the 8″ jump on the right circle.  He started out landing on the left lead, which I ignored, and then a few cross canter efforts, also ignored; and then he started landing on the right lead.  When he did it a few times, I gave him an in hand walk break around the arena.  When we went back to the exercise on the lunge, he got right lead right away several times in a row, so I gave him another break.  After that we came back and he got right lead three times in a row, including one time when he circled entirely around the circle, jumped the jump in stride and continued on for another circle!  This is just excellent.