Arrival and let the games begin

“Holy cats, I’m a hottie!”

Felix got to Field Day around noon today and offloaded and settled in without incident.

In the late afternoon I brought him in and showed him the arena, including the mirrors, in which he admired himself.

I lunged him with a long walk warm up, then on to trot work in both directions.  Then I included an 8″ jump , on a right lunge circle, that I asked him to trot up to and land in canter on the other side.  The first few times he landed on the left lead, so I just let him, brought him to trot and continued again.  I ignored his left lead or cross canter attempts, then gave him a lot of praise and a break from work when he chose the right lead.  At one point late in the session, he had 3 right leads in a row.  He was well pleased with himself and I let him know what a star he was.  Great start.

I am sure he taxed some muscles that he is not used to using, so I gave him a gram of bute tonight and will for the next several feedings.