MRR show

We went to the Middle River Ranch schooling HT and he loaded, unloaded and settled in just fine.  I should say that he is a little hesitant loading, slightly enough that it doesn’t even really register on my radar, and it is improving .

The property received enough rain overnight that Linda and I agreed it was prudent not to jump, so we did two dressage tests only.  We changed his bit after the first one, something which I have a personal rule against doing at a show, but he was fussy enough in it and it was a schooling show where one can try these things, that we thought it was worth a go.  We borrowed a french link from my friend Kelly Still Brooks and this is the second test.  I had been riding him in a Myler with tongue relief, thinking I was doing him a favor.  Other than the trip-to-halt combo, it was quite a good test for the state of the training.  Good man, Al!