Dressage and jump school

I tacked her up and she was again reactive to pressure in the cross ties.  Poor thing has all sorts of scrapes of her own making on her head from coming in contact with the barn rafters.  She is improving on yielding to pressure in general, but seems to panic when she hits the end of a rope.  Luckily, she has none of this under saddle.

At any rate, we had a good dressage school, focusing on yielding her body in leg yield along the wall and doing bow ties away from the wall to the center of the arena (which I can show you next time we lesson, great exercise).  After this good warmup, we went out and jumped some xc jumps in the pasture, including a hanging log, coop and sunken road – drop in, canter one stride, jump up and out.  She is getting more relaxed on her approach to xc jumps, which is translating to a softer, rounder jump.  Good girl.