Gracie goes to Walnut Creek

We loaded up at 7:45 in the morning and were in the tack at Walnut Creek schooling by 8:30.  She was swinging her hip into Magee, who was saddling her for me.  Just turning about looking at birds or whatever.  Magee asked several times politely for her to move her hip back and Grace acted like no one had ever asked her that before.  Magee started to PUSH her over, Gracie leaned back and snapped the lead rope and went on a trot about the place.  We caught her easily.  She lacks some fundamentals in yielding that I will work on in her time with me this week.

She was good for xc schooling and seemed to really enjoy it.  She was a little nervous about some jumps and rushed them, and we repeated the exercises enough that she could get some confident and slow down.  We did water and natural jumps and ditches.