First ride on Al

So, the horse’s name is L’s Imprint and his mom wants to call him “L”, but I can’t get any of my working students to say it because “Elle” is a girl’s name, so he’s become “Al”.  I hope this can work.   He seems to like it.

I tacked him and lunged him tonight.  When we were tacking we were working on him moving away from pressure – yielding a hip and stepping over in the cross ties.  This was not his favorite concept, but he got on board.  He was much better on the lunge tonight, mostly balanced and getting  better on voice commands.  He really didn’t know whoa to any great extent at the beginning of the lesson, but he had a pretty good understanding by the end.  He’s a smart man.

Since we had whoa and he was pretty sensible, I got on.  He stood well for mounting.  I sent him off in a walk and he was pretty nervous.  We walked around for about 10 minutes until he settled a bit, then we did a few halts which were pretty horrific, with much head tossing and resistance, though he did eventually stop.  He just had no idea about contact.  After a few minutes, though, he settled quite a bit.

So on to trot we went, doing simple figures.  He got better and better and this is how he looked at the end: