Tag goes on a walk

Beautiful day out so I tacked him up and headed down the road.  He was not about going down the hill and gave me several unrequested  quick left pirouettes when he had decided he had gone far enough.  After the third one, I got off and smacked him on the butt with the whip.  That was a bad call, as he reared up and pulled the reins out of my hands and trotted merrily back to the barn.

I walked back and caught him without difficulty and we proceeded to walk in hand all the way down to the end of the road.  He was all over the place and acting like he was scared of everything.  For a while I thought he really was scared, but then as he started to come around, I realized that he just is really not broke.  He wants to move when you want him to be still and he wants to be still when you want him to move.  Really it is just a matter of who gets to decide, and he thinks it is him.  It took a while, but he finally stood still each time we stopped and walked forward politely both toward and away from the barn.  I don’t think he’s terribly comfortable out in the big world, but I also think it can be overcome with consistent work. By the end, we were walking and halting and turning toward and away from the barn with him being relaxed and polite.