Liking it

I brought her in and let her cavort about in the indoor for a while, after removing her blanket.  The footing is so hard and uneven that they don’t want to move outside, let alone burn off any energy.  She had a good ol’ time in the indoor, with some impressive trotting, buoyant cantering and even some good bucks.  Then I caught her easily and brought her in and tacked her up.

Until I came to her bridle which was not hanging on her hook.  I hope you took it home or put it somewhere else!  I put her in my Micklem bridle that I am loaning to Rylee.  It has a french link on it.  I also rode with a balancing rein today too, which is an additional rein that goes from the girth just below the saddle flap, around the elbow, to the bit and then to the rider’s hand.  I like this set up because it can be very gentle and it does not pull their head down, per se.  I rode her in it when we went on our hack and it worked well for her.

We did a lot of walk and trot work, focusing on her relaxing in her poll and keeping a steady rhythm.  She was pretty tight, but got better and better.  Then on to canter, which started tight, but improved quite a lot by the end.  At the end of the entire ride, she was walking at a nice pace, with her neck relaxed and coming forward out of her shoulder rather than up and tight.  Very good!