So Harley pitched another fit today, this time on the lunge line.  As he did, I started to review his training arc.  He had been progressing well and then he started to act out.  I took a step back and looked at him and realized he is quite, um, rubinesque.  Ok, he’s chunky.

If his grain has not changed, maybe his hay has.  I noticed that the hay in the stalls in the barn is dairy-quality alfalfa – very high in protein and calories.  I talked with Steve and he said he was thinking that Harley is getting 4 quarts of Progressive.  I asked how much that was in weight and he said he would check with Cindy.  Bottom line is that I think Harley is overfed and that is part of the training problems we are encountering.  I hope you will agree to decrease his grain.  I suggested that it be cut in half ASAP, but I’d really like him to go on Enrich Plus in light of the hay  he is eating.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with the hay, in fact it is excellent in quality protein, but if the hay improved to this level, less grain is indicated.

His workout started out dramatically, as I mentioned, but it got much better at the end.  If he was misbehaving out of sheer overfed exuberance, that fits that pattern.