Harley pitches a glorious fit

So I brought him in and groomed him and put the side reins on.  I took him out to the arena and stopped to shut the gate.  When I asked him to move again he gave a small rear.  I turned to look at him and suggested he get over himself.  He started to back up.  I released all pressure.  He was about 5 feet away from me when he decided to start trotting and then cantering around the arena.  I shut the arena door and went to a corner to watch.

And there were fireworks to watch.  I believe what I witnessed was a tantrum.  He cantered and bucked and straight-legged bronced, and did all manner of hysterics.  I let it run its course.  It actually took about 5 minutes which is a pretty long time.

When he stopped, I went up to him and petted him and attached the lunge line and put him to his usual work.  He eventually came around to lovely politeness.