New jump and hack out

Steve was excited to show me his new ramp jump.  I was just about done tacking  Luke, so I rode him over to look at the jump where Steve was building it behind the house.  It is a nice looking jump and Luke stood politely while we discussed it.

Then I rode him out and around the field.  We jumped the existing jump a few times and had a nice canter in the hickory grove.  He is becoming a bit more relaxed in his toppline with each outing.  Snapped a picture on the hack home, which I am having trouble getting to load.  May come soon.  LOL

I hosed him down and let him graze in the round pen while I rode Harley.  They are now grazing in the hayfield in the evenings!

I noticed that your saddle is starting to get a sweat mark on the flap.  This can be hard on the leather and can be curtailed with a larger saddle pad.  Some of the dressage saddles take an oversized pad.  Just a thought.  I also snapped some pictures of this.  May come soon.