More hacking

I brought him in and brushed him.  He seemed almost dozy, he was so relaxed.  I tacked up and lunged him and he was near perfect.  I got on and rode and he stood really well for mounting and afterward.  Then we worked in the arena in all gaits, working on connection and stretching.  That went well and he even had some nice relaxed breaths in canter.

IMG_3922Then we went out for a hack all the way around the outside of the field.  He was relaxed and interested in his environment.  A female turkey ran across the path and as we approached the spot she had started from, 8 baby turkeys flushed from the grass.  He handled it beautifully, just shied in place and carried on.

Rinse, graze in the round pen and done.  Very good day!




IMG_3924 IMG_3926