Scary tarp

Another 50° day in Iowa in January go global warming! I rode Calvin in the indoor riding arena and did walk work first. He actually came over his topline pretty well from the start but didn’t want to bend to the right when I asked him to switch from left to right slowly across the center of the arena. So we will keep working on that. Trot work was improved especially the first few steps of trot after the transition from walk. Canter work is loosening up a fair amount which is very exciting.

One time when we were in trot he came around the corner and the tarp blew up in the breeze just as we were approaching and he objected quite vividly to that. Wejust worked a few minutes on it and he figured it out. Very good.

As a reward we went out and walked all the way down the hill to the end of road signand had a little bit of trot toward the end and then walked all the way back up the hill. I’ll post a video of that tonight