Calvin the evolving Eventer

We started out in the arena especially with walk work trying to get him to come over his top line. He developed it a lot more quickly than last time. Then we did trot work which went well but I’m not real happy with the connection he seems hesitant to stretch down and forward. I would like to see his bit changed to a French link snaffle. This is a dressage legal bit that you will be able to wear it in competition. It is also a little bit kinder in their mouth and he’ll still stop, he’s a good boy. After that we went out and walked in the jumping field and he was perfect so we started to go down the road. As soon as we went past the other horses paddock and they were no longer visible, he thought that maybe he wouldn’t have to go forward. So he threw all four of his legs forward and decided that was enough and I disagreed and sent him forward. We went all the way down to the end of the road and then came back and trotted up the hill and that was huge fun for both of us.