IMG_2363Hunted at the Cumberland country on a grand day. 43 degrees and sunshine, no wind. It was one of the best hunts I have ever been on. We saw game, the hounds worked well, the footing was stellar and Annie was great! She jumped her first coop, straight and true, and then jumped coops 2-6, with the last one being a really professional job on her part.

The coyote took us on two large loops. I started my gps exactly at the end of the first one. D’oh! Here is a map of the second loop. She both galloped well and stood at checks. She already is understanding to stay behind the horse in front of her and not pass. She doesn’t seem to mind biding her time yet has enough speed to stick with a pretty good gallop. She had some young horses moments, come to think of it she bucked 3 times in the first mile, but they weren’t much and they passed. Good day.