Elliot photobombs a shot of one of the beagles!

Elliot and his big goofy ears photobomb one of the beagles!

Got up in the wee hours and hauled to Yutan, NE to beagle with our beloved NHH. She loaded and hauled beautifully and tied very nicely and stood for tacking. Once I got on, she was a bit spooked by the duster I was wearing, which she made known by periodic scoots at the merest breeze. For half a second I thought about taking it off, but we had a little time to acclimate before the hunt, so we did and she accepted it fine.


I think Jay was actually taking a picture of the truck and we got in the way! LOL.

On the hunt, Elliot was there to be her big brother and show her that she could indeed walk in slippery mud (the footing was actually fairly bad), and she managed, with only minor comment. She managed to rabbit home some footing changes here or there, but nothing of note. We did do some trotting and then a small canter, at which point she saw fit to put in a pretty good buck, but it passed quickly and we cantered on. Then we walked for a bit and she was relaxed, which is great. The hardest thing for your horses to learn, I think, is to canter and then walk or halt and stay relaxed.

While going through the woods, a beagle literally ran through her back legs and she didn’t react. I know she saw it run out because she flicked an ear. Pretty amazing. She had a few skitterish moments where she had to jig or twist her body. Young horse stuff. Great start.\