Day One

Flash is spending a very short time at Field Day, we’re calling it “Camie Camp.” He is here for four days while Ed is out of town. I took his blanket off and started grooming him and I noticed that he had a little scurfy area near his withers on the right. Upon further grooming it was clear that there are two of them and they are saddle rubs, as they are symmetric and there are some white hairs growing in, a sign of too much pressure in one spot.

The left side is more subtle. Here is the wide shot.



And the close up of the left side.


Ride side wide shot


Ride side close up.

DSCN1361Probably, one or both of the saddles he is being ridden in do not fit him well enough in this area. A professional saddle fitter is indicated. We can talk about that when you get home.

Meanwhile, I rode him in my dressage saddle with a fitted gel pad. We did a lot of walking and bending, asking him to come through from behind. It was a bit of a paradigm shift for him, but he started to let go in his poll and neck and his back started to let go. During the process, he had a fair amount of jigging, which is an indication of being tight in the back. We did only a small amount of trot and canter, but positively, much of what we established in walk carried over into the other gaits. During the cooling down walk out, he had some nice stretching over his back.

His ears were up for much of the ride today, with the notable exception of upward transitions. I think a lot of his crankiness under saddle, which notably is not his general nature, may be primarily due to saddle fit, with the resultant back tightness.